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"“Addo Palace is truly a beautiful place and the surrounding bush just makes it feel like a real Africa.”"

Victor, Spain


Activities in Addo Bush Palace

Below you will find a range of activities on offer during your stay at Addo Bush Palace.


bush walks

A local guide will show you the secrets of the African bush. Guided game walks can often be the highlight of your African trip, for it is only then that you gain a true perspective of the fauna and flora around you. You can find Zebras, Giraffes, Kudu’s, Warthog, Impala, Duikers, Bushbuck, Blesbuck, Hartebeest, Baboons and monkeys….

Guests should wear:

  • Comfortable walking shoes or boots.
  • Clothing applicable to the prevailing weather conditions
  • Bring their own cameras and /or binoculars.


Xhosa Bush Survival

Do not miss the opportunity to learn how the Xhosa tribes have survived for centuries in the real African bush. Learn about the completely different experiences based on the knowledge of the Xhosa tribes, as taught by their ancestors:

  • Medicinal plants.
  • How to protect your skin using clay and extracts from certain types of stones.
  • How to build a traditional Xhosa shelter in the bush
  • Religion beliefs
  • Finding edible plants and drinkable water…
  • And much more

*2-3 hrs approximately

Other Activities (Click on the images below for more details)


addopalace lands

More than 20 km hiking roads for the adventurous of heart. Breath-taking views and beautiful hidden places.

You can find Zebras, Giraffes, Kudu’s, Warthog, Impala, Duikers, Bushbuck, Blesbuck, Hartebeest, Baboons,monkeys….

We have no Elephants, Rhino, Buffalos or Lion on our reserve so hiking by your own is possible (at your own risk).

On occasions some lions from Addo National Park has been spoted on the other side of the fence of our reserve.

There are different levels, you must be fit to do hiking trails in the mountain.

We recommend that you do the hike with one of our local guides.

Request the map of available hiking trails from reception. Note. Take water with you, food, a cap, your phone (A.B.P. 0768344095) a torch, binoculars, camera….

Please close the gates.


addo kudu challenge

There are kudu horns hidden in the thick bush on the hiking routes, you must try to find them. It is fun and and excellent training for watch the real wildlife animals in their natural habitat. Be careful because some of them are real kudus!!!



Addo Bush Palace boasts a huge variety of birdlife. There is a big range of raptors which include Black Harriers, Pale Chanting Goshawks, Black-shouldered Kites, Fish Eagles, Booted Eagles and Secretary Birds.The birdlife at Addo Bush Palace is enough to keep a bird watching enthusiast entertained for a good few days. .



Send us the best 3 photos you have taken while you were at Addo Bush Palace and be part of our annual photographic competition ¡!!!



*Some of this activities have an extra cost. Ask our friendly team for more information.
*All the activities and excursions are done at your own risk and we do not accept any liability for possible injuries or damages.